Letter Rack

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Jigsaw addicts are going to enjoy this project. It’s a nicely designed let­ter rack, with a pair of intricately shaped holders, making it quite a bit fancier than most you’ll find.

Since the holders have some narrow sections, we used 1/4″ pine plywood to provide added strength. The back is 1/2″ thick solid pine stock. Another good choice would be 1/2″ solid mahogany for the back and mahogany plywood for the holders.

Letter Rack drawing

Start with the back, cutting a piece of 1/2″ stock to 5 1/4″ x 20″. Using the drawing and its dimensions as a guide, lay out the shape as shown, then cut out with the jigsaw or saber saw.

Use the full size pattern to layout the holder, using the jig saw to cut out. To make the inside cuts, drill a 1/4″ dia. hole in the waste stock, then remove blade from saw. Now feed the blade through the hole and reattach it to the saw.

Letter Rack pattern

Before assembly give all parts a good sanding, especially the holder edges. To join the holder and back, tap two clipped brads into each beveled strip, add glue, then use hand pres­sure to press the holder and strip together. The brad prevents them from slipping. Now glue and clamp both strip and holder to the back using a waste block as shown.

Final sand, and stain to suit.

Letter Rack section

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